Sunday, July 23, 2017

October 29th 2015 was World Psoriasis Day. Psoriasis is a skin disorder that causes cells to grow too quickly, resulting in thick, white, silvery, or red patches of skin. Patients dealing with psoriasis often get negative attention due to this condition, and can sometimes feel mistreated or even isolated.

VR Gorilla has teamed up with a group of patients and doctors to create a virtual reality experience that puts you in the shoes of a psoriasis patient. Experience what it is like to attract negative attention while you are doing absolutely nothing wrong. We hope this experience adds to the awareness around this skin disorder and hopefully it will make people understand how it feels to have to deal with such negative attention.

Armed with this VR experience we walked the streets of Amsterdam to show random people this film and capture their reactions to it. This resulted in a wonderful video (in Dutch but with English subtitles). The whole campaign was received very well by Dutch media, as this article in LINDA magazine shows.