Sunday, July 23, 2017

VR Gorilla – Immersive virtual reality film productions from Amsterdam

VR Gorilla is an Amsterdam based virtual reality production studio. We aim to create the most immersive, captivating experiences imaginable. We want to take you places you have never been. We want to tell stories like you’ve never seen and heard them before. We want to share with you our dreams..

We make 360° video productions that are perfected to be experienced in high end VR headsets (like Gear VR and Oculus) as well as Cardboard and YouTube/Facebook 360°. Our background as filmmakers give us the advantage of knowing how to tell a story and really captivate your audience. Obviously the rules are different in VR but still there is much that we gain from having this experience.


In May 2015 we – two filmmakers from the Amsterdam Film Company in the Netherlands- traveled to Uganda to create the first ever virtual reality safari travel experience in collaboration with a Dutch/Ugandan touring agency, Matoke Tours. Our mission: to raise awareness about the troubling state the last remaining mountain gorillas are in.

The mountain gorilla is one of the most endangered species on this planet: approximately 800 of them are known to be alive today. None of them live in captivity, since mountain gorilla’s refuse to reproduce in a cage. In order to see the mountain gorilla you need to travel to the tripoint of Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo. Here, in the Virunga massif and the Bwindi impenetrable forest, you may view these majestic creatures in their natural habitat.

Viewing them comes with a price tag of about $500 to $750. Although this makes it next to impossible for the majority of people to actually do, it is a good thing since most of the proceeds go to preservation of their environment.

During one of the 360 recordings something spectacular happened. A young gorilla, of about 3 years old, grabbed the camera and, inquisitive as he was, started to investigate the device for several minutes. All this time twe left the camera rolling. This resulted in incredible never before seen footage and we instantly knew the name of our new VR company: VR Gorilla.

The bold young mountain gorilla is now the icon for the immersive virtual reality experiences we are creating.

vr gorilla