The Pursuit of Happiness: Fenjeh

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Fenjeh has been living in Gawilan refugee camp for three years now. She is a mother of four kids and gave birth to her youngest daughter, Leyla, in the camp.

Syria has been in a civil war for the past 5 years. 12,2 million Syrian people are depending on humanitarian aid. 92% of the Syrian refugees are given shelter in the 4 neighbouring countries. 250.000 of them have found refuge in Iraq. Over 50% of the refugees are children. The majority of them have not been educated in the past 5 years.

In December 2015 Stichting Vluchteling and VR Gorilla worked together to film this series of portraits in Kurdistan, the Northern part of Iraq.

Use a Google Cardboard, or other headset, to experience this scene in virtual reality.

VR Gorilla is an Amsterdam based production company that creates immersive virtual reality films