‘Virtual Gorilla’ Travel App

virtual gorilla
Touched by a mountain gorilla

In May 2015 VR Gorilla and Matoke Tours started this ‘Virtual Gorilla’ project to create the first ever virtual reality safari experience. One of the main goals of the project is to raise awareness about the endangered mountain gorillas, of which only 800 are still alive today. While filming a young mountain gorilla took our camera and made an incredibly 360 selfie, also to be experienced in this app.

Update: Matoke Tours was elected best travel agency to exotic destinations, with thanks to the Virtual Gorilla app we created :). Download the Virtual Gorilla app for free in the Google Play Store.

VR Gorilla and Matoke Tours have many projects coming up, bringing more safari and wildlife to you, so stay tuned!

VR Gorilla is an Amsterdam based production company that creates immersive virtual reality films